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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2012 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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although the european union and the eurozone crisis is a factor nationalism existed in the u.k. before the u.k. was a member of the european union and it exists now you the interesting point is the support for scottish independence is no higher the no higher now than it was a new nine hundred sixty s. ok you know if i go to you i mean but people are talking about is this a result of the great recession because of austerity it gets more attention well it gets more of attention especially within the eurozone specially in those countries that are suffering from. especially in the south of. spain where you have autonomous regions that now under the crisis under the you're still austerity policy of the european union think it would be wiser to become independent but this is just. current situation talk i think you could look at the solutions to be independent as you're within the world is not
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a solution the solution of course is close european union to close the eurozone and this will be the result one is that but the other thing is the political result that it will lead to robert you've been very patient go right ahead. the european union is causing these countries to break up because it's causing these countries to become in a sense failed states it governs economic policies of the south of you and these countries are suffering economically massive unemployment no growth they've got deep recessions what are people going to do they're going to say look for turnitin political structures that is inevitable now of course one point that david made was that all these nationalist movements are nothing new while recent until relatively recently in catalonia in spain most people supported staying part of spain now of course that situation has changed dramatically because of the economic crisis which originates form the euro and these austerity measures which are forced upon these
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countries by the european central central bank and the european union as well of course the i.m.f. in the case of greece now that he's hurting them deeply and it's showing that these countries are off failing and it's creating a great deal of economic harm so the our serve having more union more e.u. control over these countries is of course just totally misguided problem that the european union is causing these countries to fail ok david what do you think about that more union or less if that's the divisional right now go ahead. slightly some. other guest touched upon independence or more nation states does not of itself offer a solution though naturally nationalist movement surplus movements around europe and less n.p. in scotland are a perfect example of this they argue constantly that their independence is a solution to all scotland's ills scotland will somehow become much wealthier much
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fairer much more prosperous and so on that there is very little to back that up you know our own the world small some small countries do well some large countries do well and vice versa the you cannot apply blanket rule so this as i think robert is doing in the case of the european union ok you know what about competitiveness because that's the issue right here i mean if you're a small and you're prosperous you can go it alone but if you're not prosperous you stick with the union ok or a bloc of countries it's a mixed bag here isn't it. absolutely look at germany within the european union germany is maybe too big for the european union that's why dominates so much konami fares and the currency of fares in general but it's too small for the world market that is why even for germany and it's much much better it's much much it's not nonsense i'm sorry i am german member of parliament i know exactly that two thirds saying to germany one of the. economy this is the program is called
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hostile can you give me just a basic fact these countries are a lot smaller than germany that do very well in the world is singapore which is a tiny nation which has a great deal and hospitality switzerland is very very small yet of course that has a higher g.d.p. than any other state with a new iceland is a small country yet they have higher angle investment than all the e.u. relation to attend the germany is too small to go within the world ok robert let me jump in you're going to please continue going straight regulations to tell us that singapore one of the richest countries of the world would be there without german money or switzerland without german money somebody has to work to produce in order to get all these money into switzerland and that's germany at the moment and germany lives from the euro zone and from the european union market but nevertheless i think the answer is that we need more regional ethnical movements like the scottish like the flemish or like the qatar don't have no
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problem with it but we need at the same time a stronger european union that's no contradiction at all what we need is to get rid of the nation state the current problems we have in the euro crisis has to do with different how do they first try was france or france or germany so we have to have less influence by the national capitals more stronger federal european you know right or simply without great thank you very much for that thank you you've been very honest and i have a spec that. you disagree with a nation state and the last we've had some honesty in this debate because the choice is really between do we want to have more powers to the unelected and unaccountable institutions of the european union or of course have a return to power of the nation states. to support our e.u. and you disagree with a nation state you want to see that your mind will i don't the nation state is actually the cornerstone of democracy within any country when you have
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a nation state that's what works best because the e.u. has undermined the nation state and because german economic policy has been imposed on countries where it doesn't fit such as italy greece and as you know well and of course spain then we see economic harm and we see konami damage really the the answer is to return powers to nation state not destroy it as you want ok david jump in where you say look david please. i mean. going in opposite direction and arguing that the european union should cease to exist altogether and it should break up into its component parts but the point then is where does it all end where does all end but do you then germany to come to its component parts to just escalate its component parts and where does the end of the u.k. jew have england boiled down to to its ancient came to you know you cannot apply blanket rules on this and all robert's comments are very specific to the southern european nations. as if. to scotland for your rationale.
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absolutely. i would ask also most people in scotland want to stay within the united kingdom as you've already said in the polls haven't moved on that in that direction and more people in scotland wanting independence most in fact they've moved the other direction and most people want to stay with your last in the better still society has existed for over three hundred years or three hundred five years now there's been union between england and scotland has worked very well for the british people that there's no reason to change at what we don't want is a situation where the european union takes more power away from citizens yet at the same time using the committee of the regions and the e.u. structural fans to balkanize countries and to undermine the so often see of the nation state and have them broken up into their constituents it's going to constituent if you're going to. unleash ethnic tensions and we're going to strasburg sorry there's the biggest crowd i ever heard sorry you talk about one
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percent of g.d.p. and one use per cent i'm very sorry and that's nothing so i represent the only directly elected chamber in europe that's the european parliament i am a fable it's not a real model you know there's nothing it's not a real parliament. does it it doesn't form a government it doesn't only legislation that comes from the commission which is our military so sorry we do elected the shop we we do stop the commission if they do mistakes but let me tell you that. because you said we have to be honest the time has come where we have to separate the ones who want a closed cooperating european union and the ones who want to stay out and the united kingdom u.k. definitely made some decisions historical decisions the last three summits where it says we want to stay out please forgive me but the rest of the eurozone will
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continue even the greeks. i have double citizenship i sit in front of you as a german m.e.p. but also as a greek citizen because i'm also greek and i can tell you the historical decision of the greeks in favor of the financial transaction tax is the core says that the greeks want to be with the nations that go ahead into fiscal union which is a federal fiscal state and that's what we will say let me ask let me let me let me let me ask a before we do on the name and david pension please robert david is this democratic having a more federal union right now without asking the people themselves. no i absolutely not i mean that you know consultation with the people you govern with consent is the absolute bedrock of democracy and i i agree with robert's a point to make an argument that the european union as currently structured is truly democratic is a pretty shaky one you know not least because the the commission isn't directly
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elected sure the european parliament is elected but that's one of the weaker components eyes as the other guest says you know their choice has to be made on this but that's where the contradiction lies with a lot of the chance to move are going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on european separatism stay with r.t. . if you. want.
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you. still. want to. welcome back to cross talk i'm peter lavelle to mind you were talking about what we call the euro split. and it.
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started. going to what one would in a situation where let's say the boss and win an election a referendum and leave spain and spanish central authorities say we will let you into the european union that's not very nice is that i mean self-determination there and what my point is in the european union today is self-determination over it's done. well you have two big trends you have the globalization where china plays a big role of all the brics brazil russia india and of course china and the european countries can only compete if they fit into a big block that's the european union with five hundred inhabitants of this big market on the other hand the trend is regionalization and i see no contradiction in having a europe of the regions with less influence of the nation states strong influence of the regions but a very very. aspect of what you're also saying is that your identity is european if
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you like it or not that's what the logic dictates yes there are a lot of european patrie it's already. all over europe there are there are a lot of germans who live on the spanish island all over the year they look they watch german t.v. they read german newspapers but they live in another country so you have a lot of these europeans they are european patriots and they want the european you know they have a they have here a paean passports robert what do you think about that identity it's an identity issue is well not only a bureaucratic one. well we're seeing a tacit. admission that the european union has an agenda to undermine the nation states but to pretend that we have to belong to a supra national political structure the european union to compete in the global marketplace is incorrect the countries outside of the european union norway switzerland they're a lot better off than the a you the e.u.
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isn't working to be frank look at the problems in the south of europe and even france and germany are going into recession the e.u. is not working it's hurting the economy is creating unemployment and we're seeing the decline of europe because it's controlling approach makes business regulation uncompetitive and it just damages the economy and we see the growth of the southeast asia and other countries such as brazil where the economies are growing because they haven't followed the european union's model of over vague elation and excessive interference the e.u. is creating unemployment and it's better off that countries were to take back control of their own affairs and have their own currencies that suit their own best interest of the euro as well as the e.u. is a failure ok david i mean maybe it would say in theory more europe is necessary to save the union in the euro but how do you sell that to people saying all we're
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getting is austerity i mean how do you square the circle. it's very difficult i mean this is probably almost impossible to square the circle because all those all those tensions are there and if you say to the greeks are the spanish or the portuguese the solution to your pain is more of the european union they will they will naturally react against that but again the dynamics are very interesting because the castle on separatists the basque separatists and also the scottish nationalists they all want to be part of a european union but as a new nation states as a new member states within that they all assume they're going to be let into the club and perhaps they are but it won't be easy ok if we go back to structure your what do you think about that i mean what let them have their own nation state and join the european union why not. nothing against it i mean we see in belgium for instance where the flemish part wants to become more independent. there are movements all over europe we have even in germany
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a debate about bavaria it's rather theoretical intellectually but some of their in say we would be better off if we would be outside germany because we have we live in a transfer union within germany so we better be sovereign you know there's germany or the agreement of the of the some germans might well it's if. they keep producing good beer it's fine with me ok they will they were also good guys good cars but i would like to answer robert he talked about norway and switzerland yes they are very very successful countries but switzerland would be nothing without the bank regulation and norway would be nothing without oil so please do not take examples that are not typical for the european union he is right at one point iceland higher form and direct investment than other e.u. states has just iceland and what do they have are not you know he said well under one hundred outside body you have fallen direct investment robert let me answer
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that you will you might be outside the european union but iceland have you visited iceland the last year please go there we have a tremendous problem of fiscal policy there tremendous problem of debt so i sin is not a good example but what i would like to see is yes your economy has recovered from the financial crisis where is every other nation in e.u. suffers from the all seventeen has to pay back billions and they haven't had the opportunity to exercise their own national. and they're starting to suck in this debt cycle they are suffering a great deal so go to our countries on the south of you and see what's happened to them compare that to the icelandic situation and i sniped a lot better off and of course the people was a nice and show that most people don't want to join the e.u. is. ok you are right that iceland has gone through the crisis that is what most of the countries in the south of europe are doing now they are going through an
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austerity that they would anyhow with or without the european european union have to go through because what we live now is that many member states many countries also of the u.k. but especially germany belgium france have lived with money over the last two years that they don't have any especially the southern countries of europe that is why the reaction we see now the austerity policy would have come anyhow something david what do you know they really don't work ahead david what do you think about that because again i don't understand how you square the circle here how can europeans be attracted to more europe as they say as they're experiencing this crisis and this crisis for many could be generational ok and we have the rise of nationalist rhetoric and all this i mean i think you guys sometimes are very idealistic about what europe's about but there's an ugly side growing as well. well there's a sides to some to some nationalisms luckily and in scotland we don't see any of that but nationalist movements are essentially opportunistic they look for excuses
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to justify a conclusion they've already reached and i have to say that that's also robert's position i mean robert is against the european union what was his argument ten years ago when when western european economies were all booming what was his argument against that then people will always find a national survey of the persuasion british nationalists of scottish nationalists will find a reason not to like the bigger state their lifetime was on the wall about the e.u. ten years ago and i've been warning that the euro would fail ten years ago but i've been warning now you see more of the normal and i do see the made ninety nine for the euro and it's never made sense and i've never supported it because it does not make it so the right hasn't always in years ago to a monetary union with germany that just does not make economic sense it never did it never will so i've been i've been consistent and events unfortunately have proved me via because of course it's the people on the south of europe who are losing their jobs having their paiva juiced and of course having their pensions cut
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and it's a deep deep crisis and of course the pain now is even spreading to germany because their export market is drying up in the in the eurozone because there is just no spending power left its cause that much damage it's even pushing germany into a recession you're going to do you think about this go ahead jump in. robert is right the crisis comes to germany but the way out of the crisis has been presented last weeks in summits and also in some speeches of some leaders especially american the chancellor in germany what she said is that we will have now a new budget and you budget too if you if you wish transfer money from the richer regions to the poorer regions in order to let the match again with the competitiveness within the european common market that we have so this new fund that she proposes she called the competitiveness fund will comprise much more than
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the one percent of the. g.d.p. that we see now as a budget of the european union it will be two three or even four percent and it will be due as of two thousand and thirteen so you see that we do some steps to get out of the crisis because we see that twenty years after we started the common market they have been some winners you know like the central countries and some big big losers and we have to fix that there robert is right but i have to say that there is no other solution ok i don't want to you hear people david can you export competitiveness. well if only if only you could bottle and sell it to the country's leader and you know within with the member states of the european union you have wide disparities in that faith in that respect in scotland we've always had a difficulty with with entrepreneurial activity of business start ups whereas in
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the southeast of england of course it is booming in that respect and always has done you cannot apply blanket blanket rules for this and that's where the european union does have a role to play in pushing malia and you know across subsidize asian and fiscal policy to balance out when those working properly of course as robert says absolutely correctly the euro zone is and isn't a complete mess ok robert go ahead i'm sure you have an opinion robert jump in there go ahead. what the european union needs braiding discord it was meant to bring unity but as course we're seeing people's democracy is being undermined is creating discord and people on the streets now you go must be deeply pained when he saw. the german greek or greek german when he when you and angela merkel went to athens and there's these anti german protests and people accusing her of being a nazi which she clearly is not but the amount of discord in the hatred that the situation in europe is generating is deeply painful must be for me it must be
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especially the so be hugo but of course that is what will happen when of course countries are forced into a political union in an economic and monetary union when their interests do not align and we see the ok a lot of this a groundswell easing and so if you are going to live we are going to get the last word go ahead twenty seconds. robert just writes i felt very bad when i go back it was welcomed like this we have to overcome this and the last proposals on the table is the way out of this you know hatred that has grown the last weeks due to the crisis ok well let's see gentlemen if the european union really does deserve that peace prize many thanks again to my guests in london and in strasbourg and thanks to our viewers for watching us here i see you next time and remember proscar feels .
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